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If I could give this establishment 0 stars I would. The office in Cary North Carolina lacks professionalism and human decency.

What I experienced today was highly unprofessional. My meeting was scheduled for 5 pm which is right at the end of business hours. I called earlier to request for an email of the confidentiality agreement so that I could email it back promptly and leave more time to talk about my patent. I never received it.

As I'm in my office preparing for my meeting I hear the phone ring. Its only 4:48 so I answer the phone, but it hangs up as soon as I pick it up. I call the number back immediately, and it sends me to the receptionist for today at invent help. She says Renee (the person I was supposed to be meeting) was on the phone with someone and that Ill have to call tomorrow to set up another meeting.

I informed the receptionist that the person she was on the phone with was supposed to be me but not until 5 pm. At that moment I get a text from Renee telling me she called and that I would again need to set up an appointment. I inform the receptionist what is happening though she doesn't seem to care. She just kept saying I'll have to call back because she's with someone.

I replied with Me. She's on the phone with me. I literally just received a text from her. If you could just walk over to her and tell her I am on the phone I'm sure she will continue with our scheduled.....

that was all I could get out of my mouth before I heard the sound of disconnection. I don't know if its improper training or that some people have this disconnect due to social distancing, but I have never been treated so rudely in my life by a business.

I would not recommend this place at all for any serious persons wanting to create their dreams. .

User's recommendation: Find another avenue towards patenting your invention.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Invent Help Cons: Way they simply refused to work with me.

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