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This respondent is not an InventHelp client. It is obvious from the post that he never met with us and doesn’t understand the services we provide.
Willingboro, New Jersey

I actually had an appointment today at 3pm. and was really excited.

When first calling invent help, I explained to them. I do NOT have any money to fund my project, hence reason for calling. The guy tells me to come in, I don't need any money. After reading 3 reviews, I'm discovering that I'm being lied to already.

F U Invent Help. I'm not your sucker. You're just a bunch of F'N punks.

taking advantage of the poor with really good ideas and claiming them as your own. I hope not only the guy who set my appointment, but everybody in your company dies a horrible death and burns in *** like the pieces of trash you are

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