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InventHelp was very supportive through the grueling process of getting your invention patented. Before seeking out their assistance, I had several patents on different inventions, but was only able to get one of the patents approved.

I didn’t have enough experience to understand the criteria for patent approval. So that’s where InventHelp steps in.

They guided me through the process and were able to get my previously denied patents, approved. I won’t go into specific detail of each invention, because that information is confidential. But I can say that they do what is promised.

They have plenty of experience to guide anyone who is ignorant on the topic of patents. Thank you again for all the assistance your entire team provided!

Product or Service Mentioned: Invent Help Invention Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Invent Help Pros: Supportive and knowledgeable they were about patents.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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