Washington, District Of Columbia
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I made an appt. with Inventhelp.

I didn't go for some reason. Maybe the voice on my shoulder was advising me not to. After reading the comments, I'm glad I listened. They continue to call me to reschedule.

Think about it like this: If you don't show up for a job interview, the company will simply interview and hire someone else. You don't matter to them. This company (several different people) keeps calling so I can reschedule.

It has to be about the money for them, otherwise it wouldn't matter if I rescheduled or not. Legitimate companies feel like if you don't follow up with something, its your lost.

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they are worst than strippers. i actually fell for one call.

the lady on the phone was like "hi have you thought about doing something with your idea.i said no not yet she proceed and said so can you make it next tuesday? im like hug ok. boy did i messed upnbig time. hey next time listen to your wife.

thankgod my wife made me cancel the contract. i did it the next day they were pissed off