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InventHelp does not evaluate inventions. Each perspective client is provided with disclosures during their initial contact with our company, stating that we do not evaluate inventions, disclosing our fees, our success rate and the high risk nature of the industry. The respondent should identify himself to us so that we can help him.
King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Saw a guy in King of Prussia paid for evaluation on my idea. When I went back he told me it was good news, Inventhelp loves my idea and want to work with it moving forward.

Since paying for research I had talked to others about Inventhelp and some family tell me to stay away. So I ask Kevin the director what the success rate is and how long it take to become successful and he does a total switch and say that Inventhelp is not successful and never have been then he show me this funny looking american express card that he say only goes to super rich and like people. He say that he has made a lot of money marketing inventions and that why he has a card like that. He say that he believe in my idea so much that he will put up 50% of the cost himself to market it so I only need to pay 7500 up front but that I need to go with this different company.

I tell him i dont have 7500 and he say I need to cash in my 401k and get my family to invest. He get really aggressive at this point and I made an excuse to get out of there.

As im leaving he say that my idea so good that inventhelp is deifintely gonna take it if I dont beat them to it by going with him. I dont know whats going on with that office or that company but their own director said that they are unsuccessful and that they steal inventions so I guess I need to kiss this one good bye.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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