Detroit, Michigan
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invent help have no interest in helping people with their inventions.invent help is just taking people money.people run go the other way.if you can try to do it yourself.if you not promised to pay later dont get involved.i wished i nevered got in to this with invent help i believed that they were going to make my invention and introduce to companys and now they making excuses to stop my services after i spent 1,000's of dollars.treating me like they dont want my bussiness.tryin to make me look bad as if its my fault.when they are misleading people and not giving enough information.

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I have never had anyone be more rude to me in my life.This company needs a serious overhaul.i have several ideas that I am now selling successfully on my own.I contacted inventhelp because I wanted an easier way to patent my idea.The contact person was extremely rude and did not let me ask any questions about the company and her sole motivation was to make me sign papers.When I was finally able to get a word in after her scolding of how I didn't answer her email in a timely fashion she cut me off mid question and said she will not answer any questions on the phone because i could be the cops or a government agency.What!? And before I could have the pleasure of hanging up on her that witch beat me to it.stay away from this company!!! They will take your money and want a percentage of your company and will make you do all the work.