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Over 3 years ago, this respondent contracted with our company for assistance in
submitting her invention to industry in an attempt to obtain a good faith review and
reviewing any interest which may be expressed. The respondent’s claim that she was
told she could cancel is not based in fact. Our “Notice of Cancellation” is in bold print
on all of our contracts. In fact, this respondent signed her signature directly below our
“Notice of Cancellation” on 3 separate contracts on April 14, 2016. The cardholder
had until April 25, 2016 to cancel her agreements. She chose not to do so. To now,
over three (3) years later, to attempt to obtain a refund for the services she is received,
is unfair and unjustified.
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I can’t get a hold of anyone from this company to get a refund and don’t understand how this issue I have been having for several days now is become a problem when I was told o can have a refund !

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