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This particular respondent’s issues date back nearly 30 years. He is not a client of InventHelp, did not pay our company any money nor did we perform any services on his behalf.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Advertised vs Delivered

It was known as Invention Submission Corporation back then. I had submitted in secrecy a notarized document in 1990.

A year or so later I filed for a patent from the US Patent office. ISC said they couldn't help me and didn't think the idea was that great anyway. I have the documentation and in 1993 somehow a husband a wife got their filing date in before mine, despite mine being sent in first to the USPO. I was disappointed that ISC didn't represent me, and I feel they knew this inventor person, or didn't help me keep them from coming up with the same idea pretty much.

I think I would qualify, because I had a an attorney tell me recently that I might not have been represented properly by them back then.

I'm curious to how the other inventor came up with the idea like a year or so after I did. Now another man bought the patent that lives in the same state as them years ago, and he has been quite successful selling a similar product to mine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: You somehow get publicity for my product and make it known that I am the original inventor of this process of putting off a board like. .

Invent Help Cons: Them and how they represented me.

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