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We would be more than happy to help this respondent, but he needs to identify himself to us. While InventHelp provides a useful service to inventors, it is unfortunate that it’s so difficult to obtain the outcome that inventors desire. Our company has positive reviews on many forums, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, etc. We wish the respondent would contact us directly to discuss his concerns.
Sydney, New South Wales

Service was great at first and I completed the relevant paper work but now long delays between communication and no "report" so left wondering.

There were always poor communication or the expected time frames would not eventuate. Thus far I have had more benefit working on my own then working with inventhelp. Which is a shame because I had a good early experience

After further investigation have noted the numerous complaints about the company.

I am dealing with Ben in Sydney Australia, he apparently is the franchisee for all states...I hope this is resolved, I will update when I see something.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1180108

What Inventhelp does is have you agree under contract but won't tell you is that it's actually a loan taken out for them and you make the payments. They will sit on your invention till its payed off.

They will as your making the payments say your invention is going as planned and that you should be pleased with out results. It's called under law

The deceptive trade act and you should get a lawyer that practice the law.

Florissant, Colorado, United States #590252

I agree with you, they do just want our money. Invent Help used to be called Invention Submission Corporation.

I went through them and payed a total of close to $9,500 for their services. They asked me to find 3 companies that they could submit a press release to to show that I was willing to help them to help me. So I did. They started sending me lists of companies and magazines that they said they submitted press releases to and for a while I believed they were actually trying to get my invention going.

Then one day I thought I would just check to see if my invention was still listed on their web site. I went to a search engine and entered "Invention Submission" my computer brought up several sites relating to this. One site said "Invention Fraud" and just for fun I decided to check it out. I found that Invention Submission Corporation was listed as the number one bad boy for fraud.

So I decided to write to all of the magazines and companies that were on the lists they sent me, including the three companies I found for them. I wrote a letter , zeroxed it and paid for postage on over 600 letters. I received responces from almost all of them saying the company havs been out of business for years or the magazine has nothing to do with the subject of my invention. The three companies I suggested to them wrote back saying they checked all of their mail 6 months before and 6 months after the submission was supposed to be made and they received nothing.

I tried to contact Invention Submission Corporation but I always just got their automated recording asking if I want to order their inventors packet. The office in Tempe, Arizona that I went to closed down and moved. A while after that the comercials on TV stopped and Invent Help started having comercials.

I saw they used the same caveman and wheel logo and investigated it just to find the same exact owners. I wish there was someone that could arrest these people, they are living the good life from stealing money from us.