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We reviewed our records and determined that we have no evidence of a client with this respondent’s name or telephone number. The respondent evidently discovered a concept which he believes is similar to his invention. The reality is that similar concepts are one of the many risks inventors face every day. However, if in fact the respondent did meet with an InventHelp representative, he would have signed our “Statement of Confidentiality And Non-Use” which states:
“InventHelp hereby agrees that the idea, invention, or product you are disclosing and which you believe to be your own original creation shall not be used, sold, assigned or disclosed to any other person, organization or corporation without your permission, and further, that none of the employees, agents, officers, or directors of InventHelp shall utilize the same in any manner unless specifically agreed to by both parties in a Submission Agreement, which may be entered into at a later date.”

This Statement of Confidentiality and Non-Use remains in effect whether the respondent contracted with our company or not.

Furthermore, our company literature, contracts, advertisements and company disclosures make it clear that we do not evaluate inventions. In fact, every prospective client, on their initial contact with our company, signs our Affirmative Disclosure Statement which states: ”We do not evaluate or appraise the merit or marketability of your idea or invention.”

Update by user Sep 16

of course the company has no record, my idea was solid at the item, and was brushed off telling me it was a security risk for NFL or any national sport to use ipads because of hacking. few years later i see ipads on the field, i see this company taking users ideas and using it for there own profit.

Original review posted by user Aug 17

I posted my idea about using ipads in mayor league sports instead of the old binders couches would use, i was told no, its not going to work bla bla... Invent Help wrote me off. year or so later i started seen ipads on the fields, i will be taking this to court.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $230000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Invent Help Pros: Non.

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