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This respondent claims to be a client from decades ago. The respondent’s comments regarding his Basic Information Package Report do not make sense as he would have chosen to move forward with our submission services based upon his satisfaction with his report. Due to the anonymity of the respondent, we cannot speak specifically to his comments about his descriptive materials. What we can state is generally, we receive over a 90% approval rating from our clients regarding these materials
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I was told that ISC had over 20 years experience so they would be my best option. They pray on people that do not know what to do and come to then for help.

The only help I see is that they help their self to your money. The book I received was a joke; some of the pages are not even readable and it says the same thing over & over for over 1/2 the book & Yes, a 12yr old could have done a better job on the brochure. When I called ISC, I talked to Mike; he was very rude and unprofessional. When I complained about the brochure all he could say was, well that is the size it will be and after reading [ISC SCAM ] I know why.

It was about the size of a regular sheet of paper. Their information took one whole side and after bordering and headings there was little space to show the product. At that point it had already been 1 1/2 yrs. Mike said well we have to get this on thru, the dead line for the trade is almost here.

Then the Patent attorney; when I read the material I ask questions & told then no dimensions. They assured me they changed everything as we were going over it on the phone. When I got the material back that they were suppose to have revised, I found that they had put dimensions in it after I explicitly said NO dimensions. That is when I looked up [ISC SCAM].

I found scams for Invention Submission Services in general with things to watch for. Then I found People coming clean about what was really happening at ISC. The two searches matched the things that I experienced. I found the person at ISC and the bank they finance through is the SAME person.

When some girl from ISC called and I told her I found this, she said where did you find that, how did you find that. At this point I had been out about $10,000.00 with nothing to show but a cheap looking brochure that did not capture my product. I wrote a letter to ISC, which Changed their name to Invent help during this time. I asked for addresses and phone numbers for everyone that my stuff was sent to because they only sent a list of names & I could not find anything when I tried to look them up.

I have not received any info. Some woman, big wig head over something called me; when I told her what I found she said well people can write stuff but it don't mean it's true and the case against them was years ago. I told her that was true but 99% of what I found was what I experienced with ISC and it answered my questions about the cheap looking brochure among other things, and that the case may have been years ago but that their service was still the same, nothing but a scam. I just got a letter with cancel on the contract.

I wonder if they now plan to steal my product. I still want my money back. look up ISC/Invent help scam you will find lots of stuff especially when you start clicking all the openable places on all the pages.

It is a real eye opener.

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Thank you so much for all this info. I have been inventing something and ssold it in the neighborhood and friends and thought I should send a sample to Inventhelp and have been planning and thinking about it for weeks now.

Then suddenly I remember what happen 3 years ago. I was scammed by Thrive Learning Institute. There were signs, bad signs but I still went for it. I was new to this country.

They said America is the Land Of Opportunity. I paid them $ 2,500.00 upfront then they asked me to sign electronically. I was just so happy and Excited i thought oh my this is my American dreams. I was 4 months pregnant and now I am going to start a business.

I want to be a stay at home mom. @ weeks later, I could not reach them anymore. They promised that they will be with me all the way. i called and called all the phone numbers they gave me, finally someone answered his name was Mike , a very rude man.

So many bad experiences happen after that so I called waited for so long ..then the manager talked to me and I told him what happened and I want my money back. He said he could not do that. I cried on the phone my belly starts to hurt. I beg him to give me back my money, he simply he could not coz I signed the contrast .

I remember the contract said money back guarantee after 30 days. and its only been 25 days. Exhausted I told him fine take the *** money but You are not allowed to take money from my credit cards. the next thing I know I received calls from collection agency..they turned me over to a collection agency.

The collection agency did not care about my story. So heartless people. I have been paying $186.54/mo for 3 years now and $ 30/mo for something I do not know. My husband begged me to let it go.

Coz i almost deid and almost lost the baby coz all i did was staring at the wall and cry. What I did not know is that Thrive is working with The tax club in new york. With these company I lost more than $28,000. I tell you my vision of America, Americans and everytime they open their mouth scares me to death.

It is just so hard to find honest people theses days. These money I am paying supposed to end on August 2011 and as the days get closer they keep charging me with late fees and all.

:cry :sigh hahha I just expect too much and so *** naive. Thank God I found this site before i wil do damaged to my family almost lost my house bec of a bad decision.

i am not ashamed to say that i am one that fell into this trap called inventhelp i will fight to the end to recover my $9800.00 that i paid to them for nothing , i am also in contact with pittsburgh gnral att. office i would like to file a class action against not only this company but the owners as well so we can clean our country of parasites like this , we need to keep this individuals from opening same company with different name, todays date . 04-05-2011 , please lets join and fight together var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy13018 = '...dc8mia' + '@'; addy13018 = addy13018 + 'yahoo' + '.' + 'com'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy13018 ); document.write( '' );

Chignik, Alaska, United States #257962

Is there a class action against Isc/Invent help, if so who would one contact?


Hi i dont work at inventhelp or anything but come on how are you going to blame them.

Almost everything you buy is a "scam". Most advertisements over sell and fall short of our expectations. Its your duty as a human being especially an intelligent one which most people here seem to be. I got scammed with a web developer once "oh yeah i can do that" and then he couldn't which you can not get your money back at this point.

there was red flags everywhere and i was too excited (which is the worse thing you can ever do) and i ignored them.

I lost money too big deal, next time i should act like an adult.... leave the situation, think about it, and then decide but no i just went for it.

Stop blaming inventhelp for charging too much. If they charge $100 would you be so pissed? They are just smart for getting more money out of you just like the clothing on your back you pay $100 that cost them $2. Ahh the power of targeted marketing. good luck


I visited to find the contact information for a representative in my area. After obtaining a number to call, I did so. After a couple days of playing phone tag I managed to speak with the Inventhelp director assigned to my region. My first impression I got was one of "subtle condescension" directed at me for thinking that going on this venture alone without Inventhelp's assistance was foolish. This was the first "red-flag". But after speaking with him for a few more minutes, I went against my better judgement and decided to go ahead and meet. I figured that if nothing else, the experience would help me learn about "the invention process".

I drove two hours to get to their office. When I arrived and saw the exterior of the office building, red-flag number two went up. Not a very well kept building at all and certainly not the type of building one would expect to be used by a reputable company. My appointment was at 10:15. I entered the building and looked at the directory information on the wall to find Inventhelp. They were on the floor level. I entered their office and was not impressed. Poorly decorated and not very well maintained... They (the secretary and sales representative) looked very unprofessional and did not strike me as individuals that I would want to automatically do business with. In fact, the sales representative had eye glasses with a broken hinge that caused them to fall off during our meeting on more than one occasion. I thought that if this guy was legit, why can't he get a decent pair of glasses? Anyway, I was instructed to watch a short 10-minute informational video about Inventhelp that featured former U.S. Army General Norman Schwarzkopf. This eased my tensions a little bit because I didn't think an honorable military man would be mixed up with an outfit that was corrupt.

After the video, the sales rep came up to me and asked if Inventhelp sounded like a company I would want to do business with. I based my answer on the video alone. So yes, based on the promotional video, it sounded like I should. I was then escorted back to his office. Before I pitched my idea, he made a comment about a disgruntled inventor they had problems with, as well as his opinion of the Better Business Bureau. I thought to myself that this was a strange way to start a meeting. I let him finish his little rant, then I pitched my idea. I showed him a prototype and explained how it would work. I'm not going to divulge any of the information here but based on the expression shown on his face, I could tell the man was impressed.

After I finished making my pitch, I shared a bit about my family and how much I loathed anyone (company or individual) who would take advantage of someone else. I made it very clear where I stood and how cautious I intended to be. He whole heartedly agreed. At least, he said he did. Next, he started getting me paperwork to fill out. The paperwork involved describing my invention idea, deciding who it would be marketed to , etc... On one of the pages I was instructed to "sketch" out my design idea. He said I didn't need to worry about that. He would just take a digital photo of it. It was allot of paperwork but I filled it all out. After I finished, he asked how I wanted to pay for their "getting started" package. This package included the cost of hiring legal services to patent my idea as well as the cost of developing a marketing/product brochure. It would have been around $1000 total. I voiced my apprehension to part with any money right off the bat. I said I wanted to go home and discuss the matter with my wife. At this point, his demeanor changed. You could tell he was frustrated and he voiced this frustration as he talked about men who "went home" to discuss matter with their wives and ended up being talked out of making a deal with Inventhelp. Regardless, I said this is what I was going to do. After seeing I wasn't budging, he said I could just send him a check in the mail when I decided to get the ball rolling.

We started to wrap up our meeting and I reminded him that he said he was going to take a photo of my product. He then said it wasn't really necessary. I reminded him that he said he WOULD take a photo of my product. He reluctantly agreed to. He reached in his desk and pulled out an older digital point and shoot camera. He struggled to get it ready to take a picture and discovered it either wasn't charged or simply didn't work. Another red-flag. He hadn't even finished out first meeting and he had already broken his word.

Before I left, I re-read the paperwork that I had signed. I only signed it because I knew I could cancel the agreement within 10 days of our meeting without the penalty of owing them a dime. I was careful to note that the paperwork stated that they were obligated to send back any and all information about the product that I had submitted to them if I terminated the contract.

I had time to think as I drove home. By the time I did arrive back, I had made up my mind that they were not a company I wanted to be associated with. I did more research about the company and saw numerous complaints about their "services" and also learned of a lawsuit brought against them several years ago. I was appalled to learn that of the nearly 6000 people Inventhelp had signed contracts with and received money from, only 20 clients received back more than they paid in. That is a .03 success rate! Here they were asking for nearly $10,000 over the course of two years and I only had a .03% chance of seeing a return on my investment. Those are not very good odds if you ask me.

My wife and I both agreed that working with Inventhelp was definitely not the way to go. I sent the sales rep an email the next day explaining my decision to not work with them. In my message I was very civil and thanked him for taking the time to meet with me. That same day I received a call from him asking him where I got my information from about their company. He was mad and even used foul language with me stating that they (Inventhelp) weren't going to put up with this bull--- anymore. His attitude only solidified my decision to go another direction. Before I hung up though, I asked when I could expect to have my product information returned to me. He said he would just put the stuff in the shredder. I reminded him that the contract stated they were obligated to send everything back within 10 days. He said he would try but that he needed to get off the phone because he had a meeting with another inventor. I wrote a letter to Inventhelp re-stating what their contracts said and that I did not want their services. I sent this in the day after the meeting.

Two days later, the sales rep called me and asked about the status of my product. I said I sent in the paperwork to Inventhelp stating my intention to terminate the contract and I thanked him for his time. Again I inquired as to when I would get my product information back from his office. He said that he was just going to shred it. He may have done so, but by doing that, he didn't live up to the letter of the contract. At that point I had had enough. It's only now, several months later that I decided to share this experience. I hope it helps some of those who may be naive when it comes to dealing with companies like this. Everything I have stated above is 100% true.

So my advice... Don't give anyone money up front. Seek out an attorney on your own to patent your idea and then do the legwork yourself. From what I've seen and experienced first hand, these invention submission companies do nothing but take advantage of their ill-informed clients. Don't fall for it!


I was scammed over $700 about 3 years ago by invent help. They gave me a thin hard covered book, saying that it was a tool i could use to pitch my idea. All they did was plug in what i wrote down in their questionnaire and put it in the cheap $700 book.


hello everyone

today i went to see this inventhelp rep. in San Bruno California.

He was smelling like a Scam. I have not paid him a penny and i never will but I am feeling sad bcoz this was sumthing that i neva thought off.

*** inventhelp


i have been scammed also from inventhelp i have paid thousands of dollars and nothing to show but paper and a lousy book thats worth nothing they said my art work would look like it came out of a magazine huh looks like a child done the work on it when i went to inventhelp i was so excited and didnt know a thing but i have been doing alot of research on them and i am not happy have caught them in lies.......refering to Daryn on this page i wrote down the Lawyers number thank you


A few months ago, I talked with a guy at inventhelp. I didn't tell him of my invention, even though he was curious.

He was in a hurry for me to sign the letter of confidentiality and wanted $900 to begin.

I'm glad I waited after seeing all of these complaints. One thing he mentioned, was that they'd share my idea with companies at the trade show...well after reading the says"....We do not normally display individual inventions at trade shows." I am sooo anxious to get started with my invention, but it is very hard to find someone to trust.


I also lost almost $12,000-my life savings.I am thinking about exposing this company to the media, so they would have a harder time in the future scamming anyone else. Anyone care to join me?


see my section below looking for people to join me in a class action suit against invent help


I lost a lot of money only I want to do something about it looking for people you want to join me in a class action suit against inventhelp I am in Riverside county CA want to put a list of names together for my attorney Daryl L. Binkley feel free to contact him before you give me your name 1-760-862-1100


InventHelp® Scam Warning - Exposing Invention Scams

The purpose of the InventHelp Scam Warning website is to clear up any misunderstandings about InventHelp and alert the public to potential scams in the inventor service field. Unfortunately, as with any other industry, there are those in the invention community that operate unethically and do not follow rules that protect inventors.

Many companies lure potential clients with false advertisements that could scam inventors, promising that every invention will succeed, when in fact the opposite is true. If a company promises you profits from an invention, it is possible that they are trying to perpetrate a scam.

To help protect inventors from fraud, InventHelp Scam Warning highlights some red flags that you should be aware of when dealing with an invention company. We document the information that companies are legally required to provide to inventors, as well as offer examples of dishonest advertising and sales practices.

InventHelp Scam Warning is provided by InventHelp, America's largest invention company, to inform inventors. InventHelp has prided itself on an honest approach to doing business. We do not mislead inventors, and we make sure that every potential client we deal with is aware of the high-risk nature of submitting an invention to industry, before the inventor enters into a contract with us.

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InventHelp has been in business for over 25 years, and as such, has compiled experience in the difficult process of submitting inventions to corporate America. We have compiled an InventHelp Data BankSM that includes registered companies who have agreed to review our clients' inventions in confidence. InventHelp is not aware of any inventor service company with access to a similar resource.

Trade Show Experience

Over the years, InventHelp has attended and exhibited at hundreds of national trade shows. Based on our observations, we are positive that InventHelp exhibits more at trade shows than all of our competitors combined. Typically, at a trade show we locate companies willing to sign up for the InventHelp Data Bank and review our clients' inventions in confidence. We publish a list of the trade shows we attend on

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It is well-known that a very low percentage of inventions receive licensing agreements. A license agreement is very hard to obtain in the first place; however, it is not a guarantee that an invention will become a financial success. InventHelp always reports our licensing track record to inventors prior to contracting with them for services, unlike some invention companies that are involved in scams regarding their ads and sales practices.

Invention Scam or Not? Truth Vs. Promises of Success

One goal of the InventHelp Scam Warning is to alert you that companies who imply or claim that your invention will succeed are not being honest. Factually speaking, a high percentage of new products introduced by manufacturers fail in the marketplace. Any company that asserts differently is behaving like a scam; success is the exception, and not the rule.

Our point – InventHelp is not a scam, and we do not hide these figures. They're on our website and in our literature. See for yourself in the Inventor Stories section of We are very proud of these stories, as they demonstrate our capabilities when a company expresses interest in our clients' inventions.

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•InventHelp Scam Questions - The Truth About InventHelp — As America's leading service provider since 1984, InventHelp offers some thoughts to help inventors avoid scams and guide them to invention companies that perform services honestly.

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I submitted an app 3 weeks ago and still no contact what this company is is a $cam

Mccallsburg, Iowa, United States #78252

Run away, run away. This company is nothing more than a version of any NY or LA fashion modeling company that states they can make you a fashion icon because you have "the look".

Of course, you must purchase a $12,000.00 package from them and they will contact all of their "contacts".

I recommend that you contact an attourney and go through the process on your own. If you don't, you are just going to feel manipulated. Just for fun, make an appointment, listen to the speel and read the Invent Help success book in any of the lobbys. It is full of disclaimers and successes that did not even use Invent Help!

Patents have been issued many, many years before these scammers came out from under their rocks. Do your homework.


I just had a sit down meeting with this guy at invent help a few days ago and he sounded excited about my invention and made me sign a confidentiality form and wanted me to put a down payment of $300 but i told him i still had to do some research before i did anything with money. Im happy i came across this web site, now i know they are a scam and i will look else where to get my invention up and going.


I wanted to check these guys out because I had a bad feeling when my husband made the appointment. Thanks for the information guys.

We have an appointment with them tonight and I will not be signing anything! I will be having an interesting time confronting these issues that everyone else is having!


Don't ever go to inventhelp. They ripped me off for about $5,000. Some of that was borrowed money from someone who believed in my invention.

I am on disability and I did make payments. But nothing EVER came of it, and as far as I'm concerned, they are ALL scam artists. They PREY on your hopes and dreams, and then your just S.O.L.

It's too bad too, because of all the inventions they've taken in from people, they could be much much much richer than just taking payments from people. If they really did follow through, I can't imagine all the money that they could have made, with a little bit of effort on their part.


What *** to do this to people who are on disability, and those who are not.


irecently went in here to see if an idea i had was feaseable. The guy i talked to with this company said i had a really great idea.

The thing was he really wanted me to put a down payment on my idea right then and there. saying things like "my time was worth a 100.00 bucks an hour to him and he would give me a discount if i made a down payment right then." It is hard for me to believe that a company that says they want to help you is in such a rush to get your money. THE PEOPLE ARE NICE BUT THE FEELING IS WRONG. The guy has called me for the last three consecutive days telling me he has talked to the regional manager about my idea and said they can work onpayment plans.

In my opinion it is a lot of money to fork over just to find out your idea is already out there and to get a book about someone else's idea.

i think your first step is to seek a patent attorney about your idea costing a fraction the amount of these guys. in my opinion!


Great info. I have a meeting set up with these scammers and after reading your comments I cant wait to cancel it. Probly just saved my self a ton of money!