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The amount of my lost was $10,000.00 dollars for my idea to use? Not $10 dollars

Original review posted by user Sep 15, 2019

Call one day told them about my invention idea about a exerise to sit and exerise at the same time. Why I even gave thrm the slogan to use. Iwas mad when a few years later i saw it on TV

Reason of review: Stole my idea.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Invent Help Pros: Steal you idea.

Invent Help Cons: Way they stole my invention.

Location: 5600 N River Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60018

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Before you disclose your idea / unpatented, you take your drawings and detailed description to the post office. Ask the clerk to ROUND DATE your paperwork.

Place the paperwork in an envelope and address it to yourself. Send it to YOUR house certified letter "restricted delivery." Then when it is delivered to you, you must sign it in front of the mailman.

Put that envelope containing your idea in a safe or safe deposit box till you get your patent issued. That IS the safest way to protect your idea.

@Jameal Qgz

That is called a "poor mans copyright"... And it it is useless.

Do not do that then think your save... your not, at all.


So how can I be guaranteed total honesty in not stealing my invention product?