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With the limited information provided, we are unable to identify this respondent. However, the respondent evidently contracted for our Basic Information Package (BIP). The BIP assembles basic information about an invention using standardized marketing information as well as information which the inventor provided to us. We also refer our clients to an independent patent attorney for the preparation of a Preliminary Patentability Search & Opinion. We would be happy to help the respondent. He should contact us to address his concerns.
Madison Heights, Virginia

InventHelp/Technosystems seriously misrepresented and depreciated my botanic round-glass mini-greenhouse germinator invention (for seed germination, different sizes for seedlings, small plants, aquatic plants) in their InventHelp BIP (Basic Information Report). I gave InventHelp around 8-10 pages of detailed information of my invention, sizes and usage, and photos of my invention's prototype in action, and more in person.

They used only about 25% of the information I gave, did not include photos of the prototype in action I gave them, and seriously twisted my invention in their writeup so that my invention would not work according to their writeup. They did not let me preview the InventHelp BIP report before it went to print. When I found out I could not preview the InventHelp BIP report, I canceled with InventHelp, but I received the BIP report a week later and it so seriously misrepresented and depreciated my invention that I could not use it and returned it. The InventHelp BIP report had a typo in my invention title that appeared throughout the BIP report, and their faulty writeup was the basis of their BIP marketing data on my invention as they wrote "poured water" into it, instead of "spray mist" as in the information I gave them.

Worse than this, and it looked intentional. The typo ("grass" instead of "glass" made it look as though my germinators were for mainly grass seed when for many types of seed species--ornamentals, crop, etc). The InventHelp BIP report made it look as though I was a youngster with a semi-developed idea, when an adult with a working prototype. I sent the InventHelp BIP report back to them as it was useless and asked for a full refund and they are trying to just give me a partial refund.

Out of the $945.00 they charged for the horrible InventHelp BIP report, they still owe me a refund of $140.00. They tried to suggest that the problem may have occurred due to miscommunication between their NYC (Manhattan) and Pennsylvania offices, but that does not explain their serious depreciation and misrepresentation of my invention that looked intentional.

This was my first developed invention, and InventHelp made it a negative experience. I reported InventHelp to the Better Business Bureau.

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Why don't you stop crying and take the law into your own hands? Giving money to the to good to be true companies has been going on for millennia.

Instead of being asking for others to help about it hunt them down and do something They all have families and bank accounts. Demand your money back.

If you really though some company on TV was really going to give you your money's worth you should have listened to that voice in the back of your head saying " hold on now should I really be giving this company my money without one shred of evidence they will ever help me?!"

Stop whining and do something!


I'm honest, not ignorant. I know a scam when I see one.

I had my invention provisionally patented through the US government. I am getting to the bottom of why inventors are being mistreated.

Just like journalists, marketing people are supposed to adhere to a code of ethics. You should know that since you supposedly work in marketing.


I'm sure there is a process for reprinting the report if a customer isn't happy. I'm in marketing and I get a customer like you once in a while that nitpicks on everything to death.

You can't be so emotionally attached to your project because that can cloud up your vision to recognize opportunities. I'm sure if you had stated your issues once receiving the report that the items that you wanted would have been included. Usually there is an approval process and I'm sure they have one. You just never made it that far due to your ignorance.

I don' mean that in a mean way, but come on, you are talking about an invention that you probably should be keeping confidential.

You are probably in the wrong business. Maybe it is time to move on to something new.