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This client’s claims are unsubstantiated. For example, InventHelp does not play games with possible interested companies. In fact, it is very difficult to get a company interested in an idea or an invention and interest of any kind is not typical. If the respondent wishes to discuss his concerns, he should contact us.
Redmond, Oregon

It seems I'm not alone feeling "Taken" by Invent Help. Yes they warn you about your chances of success with your invention but then, after taking your money, they lead you astray and play games with letters of "possible interested companies".

Is it any wonder you don't stand a chance in *** of any success with your invention? I'll be seriously looking into getting my money back. Why is this company still allowed to be doing business?( or shall I say: Ripping People Off? ie: Cornholeing!) Please BEWARE of their SCAM ***.

INVETHELP: Your Karma's coming to get you!!

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Why don't you all get together and do a class action? I'm willing to bet none of all the people complaining have even tried to contact either fed or local DAs.

Who gives $1000s to a company advertised on TV and then hopes everything will work out?

People have been complaining about this company for years. If I were you I would track down the names you know and talk to them in person. Be creative.

They all feel fear. I'm so tired of Americans being complacent after being ripped off Stop crying and do something !!!t

Taylor, Michigan, United States #671190

anyone talk to a representative named vince mingo