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We believe this respondent to be a client who contracted with our company nearly 9 years ago for the Basic Information Package (BIP). The BIP assembles basic information about an invention using standardized marketing information as well as information which the inventor provided to us. We also refer our clients to an independent patent attorney for the preparation of a Preliminary Patentability Search & Opinion. We are sorry that this client chose not to move forward with his invention. If he wishes to discuss his concerns, he should contact us.
Miami, Florida

I recently paid $760 for a Basic Information Package to help me market my product. The package was nothing but a rubber-stamp review supposedly of my invention. The next step was to give the company, INVENTHELP $10,500 to market the product. Before doing so I sent a quick email to the salesperson in Boca Raton, Florida asking him to answer a few basic questions about the contract, royalties, etc. He never returned my call or answer my email. When I finally reached him, his answer was "If you don't trust us, we don't want to do business with you." He refused to answer any of the simple questions put to him. I suppose he was satisfied with the quick $760 with very little effort put into the project.

Jim Prendamano

West Palm Beach, FL

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Miami, Florida, United States #1132699

I was *** to pay up front thinking I'd get better service. To date nothing has been accomplished of any real value.

To my knowledge nothing has been done to market my invention, which is what they are supposed to do.

I blame myself for being so gullible.


Nashville, Tennessee, United States #774255

TOTAL SCAM. They took 200 of my money as a down payment, thank God I chose to listen to people in higher offices in the land and back out of a deal with InventHelp.

As soon as I informed InventHelp that I had chosen not to pursue doing business with them, they will not return my calls or emails.

RIP OFFS. Now I have to change all my bank account info

Loveland, Colorado, United States #719965

Thank you to all of you who posted. I will not be doing business with them!


If you have any issues or concern in regards to your idea please feel free to contact me or visit my office. I'm sorry, about all your bad experiences and will do anything I can to answer all your questions.


Sheryl Petiton

Regional Sales Director

11782 Jollyville Road

Suite #213

Austin, TX 78759

(512) 219-4080

to Invent Help ***tact Informatio Kearny, New Jersey, United States #936187

you and all your cronies are a bunch of thieves and hope wreckers, your pay back comes in your afterlife. make sure you keep your chair warm next to the DEVIL


Is there a good Lawyer who can get us all, some of our money back. I'm so sorry I used the money my mother left me in her Will.

I gave Invent Help over $10,000. I just wanted my Mom to be proud of me.