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We believe this respondent to be a client who contracted with our company nearly 9 years ago. His services were provided in their entirety and in accordance with his contract. A review of our records indicate that the respondent never expressed any sort of dissatisfaction. Furthermore, his depiction of the patent referral services is completely inaccurate. Nevertheless, we would be happy to work with him in an effort to resolve his concerns.
Everett, Washington

Inventhelp, Wow, I can,t even fathom how a company can scam people the way they do. I know there is no guarantee of a sale but when they told me how hard they where going to work on marketing my invention, I believed them.

Instead, for the $16,000 they charged me, what I got from them I think my 6 yr old grandson could have done a better job! The pamphlet they created could have been done in a coloring book, the occasional generic submissions (about every 4-6 months)wouldn't interest even someone looking for new inventions, & the so called press release was a small article sent to magazines that had absolutely nothing to do with my invention. Part of the deal was that a patent lawyer was going to do the patent work on my invention & I got a letter back from him saying the patent laws changed but for an additional $1,200 retainer he would resubmit my patent.

Yes I'm pissed! I warn anyone considering using inventhelp not to, they're cheats!!!

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Why don't you all get together and do a class action? I'm willing to bet none of all the people complaining have even tried to contact either fed or local DAs.

Who gives $1000s to a company advertised on TV and then hopes everything will work out?

People have been complaining about this company for years. If I were you I would track down the names you know and talk to them in person. Be creative.

They all feel fear. I'm so tired of Americans being complacent after being ripped off Stop crying and do something !!!


They are horrible. I paid a little over 18,000 to them. They should be shut down.....