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This company is not to be trusted, I gave my idea to Invent Help so they make me a basic information pack, they research my product for me through a paten lawyer in the USA we found out that for this product we could get a paten, but I didn't have the money at the time to get it done.So i told them to wait until i got the money to get the product paten, they offer to take my product to there expo shows where companies come to look for and buy new Inventions, but was told no by me not to do so, we even sign a no disclosure document for my product, but yet Invent Help manage to pass on my product to a company in the UK so I make no money from my Invention.

Now my product is a hit all over the world making millions of dollars for this company but here i am still with nothing to show from my hard work.This company is really bad for business don't get involve with them at all.

Review about: Invent Help Invention Service.

Reason of review: stolen invention.

I didn't like: Way they stole my invention.

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I believe they did the same to me.I brought in a design to one of their Seattle offices for a tool I had designed and named.

The money they wanted to work with me was too high at the time. So I let it go.

About a year later I saw the EXACT same tool , ( I am a carpenter and knew what tools were on the market) hanging in Home Depot.I believe they, or one of their employees , ripped me off.