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This consumer contracted with our company over 4 years ago. Her concerns stem from her discovery of a product similar to her invention. We informed this client that similar products are a common occurrence in this industry. In fact, we referenced several similar products in her initial research report. We upheld our contractual obligations and provided the services in their entirety and in a timely manner. She on the other hand did not uphold her contractual obligation and stopped paying for the services.
Highland, California

I took my idea to Mike Muir in the Orange Co. office.

He acted as if my invention was a great idea & offered (with a huge fee) to let them research to see if this product was on market. I paid approx. $900.00 for this. I then received a call back asking for me to come in the office.

I met w/Mike Muir who told me the only other product like mine was a tooth, nothing like my idea. He then said that they could draw up the invention,market the invention & I could expect to see my invention on a commercial with in 2 years. I have not seen anything at all done on this!!

I continue to pay $300 a month for nothing!!!!! Does anyone know an attorney that could assist with filing a law suite against them?

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Ramona, California, United States #1249751

Count me in.. Greg 760-788-2889


My brother and I just paid off our amazing experiance Mike Muir began. We have a good idea but lost 9,500$ dealing with invent help and also got multiple blue useless books . My anger towards this man will not be fully understood in writing.


Please see this comment posted on this very site about a lawsuit. Just don't give too much detail within your email, just in case the posting is fake.

Fellheimer & Eichen LLP in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


To find a good lawyer, please go to

This Website wll allow you to explain your issue and it provides you with a list of lawyers that is related to your problem.

Good Luck .. Susan