Vera of Wadsworth, OH My husband saw InventHelp on TV and they were the only ones we looked at. I spoke with Aaron originally and explained to him about the product.

We got the process started by them calling us up and asking us some questions. They said somebody would call us back. A few weeks later, somebody called us and made an appointment for us to meet. I brought our idea and gave it to them.

We looked over some papers and signed them. Then, I applied for a patent and they said that the process would start. They gave us a lot of details on many of the steps. Then, a few weeks ago, I got some papers that I went over and changed some of the verbiages on explaining about my product and I sent it back.

They went over it and sent me some more, which I went over. I changed a couple of things and signed them. They have them now and so far, I have not received the patent yet. InventHelp’s reps are very easy to contact.

I can call or email them. Aaron also calls me every once in a while, to find out where I am, and if I'm happy with what's going on. I am very satisfied with their service so far. We gave the money for the patent and they're working on that.

They are working on some papers that would go to companies explaining about it too. We're also going to where they meet with a lot of companies that come and see what people have offered.

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