Paul of Sparta, NJ InventHelp's reps were positive and encouraging without being misleading. They were very forthright and very professional.

The director of the office, Brian was the one whom I spoke to told me that if he didn't think that anything was gonna come to my project, he would not let me waste my money or my time. So far, InventHelp's people have been sending me a draft of what is written and what they're gonna market. As we go along, I make my corrections on what they want the draft to say. Once we have a final draft, it’s gonna go into their marketing program.

So far, I'm satisfied with the service. InventHelp has been doing the right thing. They're sending me all the nomenclature and paperwork. They've also explained everything to me page by page.

If I need anything clarified, there's no problem as I can call them up. They have been very responsive and usually get back to me within a day.

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