Thomas G. of Shawnee Mission, KS I have been a consumer for more than 60 years!

I have been in sales for more than 35 years. I tend to intimidate insecure, shady so call professionals. I don't do this in a mean-spirited manner, and certainly without disrespectful language. I simply interview my prospected professional before I hire them.

If I know more than they do about the subject matter they do not get my business! If I ask them to verify or qualify an answer to my questions and they become defensive or evasive, I pursue the questioning until I am satisfied that they are either insecure, nervous, shady, a fake, or a liar. If they are just insecure and nervous; in my judgment and not a liar I try to establish a common portal of communication so that we can accomplish the mission at hand if possible. If they are shady, a fake, or a liar; I expose them with their own words with undisputable methods, and politely excuse myself from their presences.

I am Please to say that so far InventHelp has passed my initial interview and I have contracted with InventHelp and their team to bring my invention legally and profitable to fruition! I am very pleased as the mission at hand continues.

There were a few glitches and InventHelp and their team quickly help me to understand how the glitches will be rectified. They have been punctual, and I am well pleased so far.

Product or Service Mentioned: Invent Help Invention Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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