Maria of Miami, FL George Foreman took his product to InventHelp and that was one of the deciding factors that led me to the company. I also googled them and they had good reviews.

When I called them, they scheduled a meeting. Then I went in and the guy that I met with was awesome. He guided me, went through the entire process and reviewed everything with me from top to bottom. He was very informative, and he was real and honest with me.

Then I decided to start the process with them. Aaron has always followed up and followed through. When I left him a message or sent an email, he was very responsive. He emailed me back immediately or contacted me ASAP.

I had a great experience working with him. In fact, everyone has been very helpful. I’m so pleased overall. Even the attorneys involved have reached out several times regarding the patent to see how things were and to explain certain things to me.

I've received an email with all the details. They started the process for the patent so it has been submitted. But it can take approximately one year for that to be finalized. I've also received letters in the mail regarding the product itself.

We are just waiting now to go to trade shows, present the product and see what happens. But it has been a smooth process and I’m hoping that everything works out and that I hear some good news soon.

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