Edward of Farmington Hills, MI I have very positive experience with InventHelp. When I came up with my tool invention, I was looking for patenting it and marketing.

One night, I had seen InventHelp commercial with a cave man working on the stone wheel, and I thought, I give it a try. Next week, I approached closest InventHelp office, talked with their service, and filled out application with one of their packages. I had my prototype made and tested myself, so I knew it would work. I just needed a patent and marketing, and that is exactly what they provided for me.

I received my patent after two years, but licensing took much longer, over three years. My patience has been tested to the limits, but trust me, it was all worth it. I successfully obtained licensing agreement with large manufacturing company, and in a year my tool was sold worldwide on Amazon and other websites. It was a great feeling seeing my product selling well.

But mostly, I really enjoy reading great reviews of customers and their appreciation for my tool, that works so well for them. For those who write disappointing reviews blaming InventHelp for not being effective, I do not think they are right. It is not up to InventHelp to make decision on licensing individual idea, they just present the products during their shows to the manufacturers, businesses and others. If product is attractive to them, and they see potential, then is more likely to be finalized with the licensing agreement.

It is a long and complex process, and there is no guaranty of success.

I hope, my simplified success story and experience with InventHelp will help you in better understanding the whole process, and will motivate average inventor in making a right decision. Overall, I think, If you strongly believe in your invention, and if you have plenty of patience, you will succeed.

Review about: Invent Help Invention Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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