Darrell of Colver, PA I'm very satisfied with the service of InventHelp. When I started the process, I went online and requested more information.

They called me the next day and I had an appointment set up. I went and presented my idea to them and how I had it all planned. They then told me that if I wanted to get it to the next step, they should go ahead and do the patent search and do the development and research to see if it was feasible to actually make it. I was also given details on the steps if it gets approved.

I worked with Don in the beginning then once we signed the contract, it went out of his hands. Their customer service has been excellent and any time that I have questions, it is very easy to get in contact with their representatives. I just call and they put me right through and answer my questions.

They also communicate with me to let me know where things are in the process. Right now, I am patent pending and I am waiting for some brochure information to review from InventHelp.

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