Rahsaan of Arlington, TX After looking at everything and researching, I liked what I read about InventHelp and gave it a shot. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I followed the instructions and everything else was laid out. I had nothing to do but sit back and say yes or no to stuff. They hadn't left me out on anything every step of the way. They hadn't forgotten anything.

Right now, they are sending out to companies and getting ready for the trade show. Things went so well that I said I was gonna do it again on another invention. I have also recommended them. Some people lie all the time about stuff.

They promise things or say they're gonna do this or that. But no one lied to me and no one promised anything. There was none of that with InventHelp. It's a shot in the dark if I can get a patent and if I do, it's an even longer shot in the dark to try to get it to the market.

I don't know the contacts that they have and so, for them to walk me through everything, it's just a plus. They're doing great.

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