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We are unable to identify this respondent as an InventHelp client. We do not steal ideas. The first document any perspective client signs is a Statement of Confidentiality and Non-Use. This document ensures that the idea will not be used, sold, assigned or disclosed to any other person without the perspective client’s permission. We absolutely do not believe this ludicrous statement was made.
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At 1st k thought my idea was safe but after sitting dpwn and talking to brian Rem. it was like a night mare after k gave him my money.he said right to my face l could steel your ldea and have my laweyer buddies help me take your ldea and its nothing ypu can do. l went home and cryed now this not something you want to hear this is your ldea and now he is going to steel it from me.

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What bastered they are still advertising with that george Forman, what the *** is going on. Did you take them to court get other people from all these complaints and sue that *** companies.

This way you can get them off the air and go to consumer protection office make the complaints do not what. For every one complains on here there are thousands that have not complained


I feel your pain this scam operation has been going on for a long, long time back from N the 80's they were known as IMI, Invention Marketing Inc. After the Party.

Gen. Issued an account injunction they opened up under ISC, Invention Submission Corp.

Scamming people with th3 protection of the US govt. Yes, unfortunately,injustice here


i cancel my contract within the 7 cooling off period. the lady was pissed she said your wife wants to cancel it like saying is she out of her mind.

then the salesman talk to me i said " i want to cancel the contract" inside me i had read many complaints so he said" ok just wait a week you dont have tp do nothing else, youve been kind enough to call us" im like nope im mailing a certified letter to pittsburg just.

see i i dont cancel with in 7 days like the contract says ill be stuck in a $13,562.11 contract. run away from inventhelp