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Louisville, Kentucky
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My name is Terreance Kimbley. I submitted my application with this Invent Help company around April 22,2010., then another gentleman name John D'Alessio& Mr.

John Mancu I sent $300.00 dollars in money order to never receive no returned receipt or information about where my money is being used for. I want my money returned,because its been 4 yrs. And I didn't give my money for nothing to happen. I willl not give up this quest to have my money refunded.

Please contact ( or,me at 1201 Breshear Dr. Apt.p louisville,ky.402010 (502)905-4853.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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After 4 years, it might be too late, because the statute of limitations might be up already. Call a lawyer and ask.

The other thing is, they are not going to give you your money back just by would probably have to SUE them, but it might cost more to get a lawyer and sue them, than the amount that you are trying to recover. Be glad that you didn't give them MORE than that, like SOME people have done.