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We are unable to identify this respondent as an InventHelp client. However, the explanation of the services received and the respondent’s comments regarding our representatives are inaccurate. The respondent’s concerns stem from his discovery of a product similar to his invention. We make all of our inventor clients aware at the time they are contracting for our services that similar products are a common occurrence in this industry. InventHelp has no control over similar products and it is one of the many risks inventors face every day. Should the respondent wish to contact us we would be happy to discuss his concerns.
Livingston, New Jersey

Have been working with invent(help?) For 31/2 years...they did a patent search and i gave them my trust...through the years each time i would call for any updates the reps were rude and i would get conflicting information from one rep to the next..over all gave them about $13,000 ...being impatient i contacted a friend of a friend in the field of my product...he did a little research and found that it had already been on the market for about 7 years...all my time efforts and $$$ were a total loss...inventhelp got that money..i have nothing good to say about them...stay away from them unless you know the business which i did not...they can't be trusted...

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You should have done your own research on Google patent I'm going through invent help. Being inventor it's going to cost you a lot of money to get your idea out there some people put own million there own house to make there dreams come true. Have you seen the show shark tank the Facebook movie the Steve Jobs movie they all put money into their own business and it takes years to be successful.

to Anonymous #1056018

so you saying its there own fault trusting a company that's supposed to help you , instead their a company that screws people and shame on everyone who thinks they are here to help. sounds like the real shark tank is invent help

to Anonymous #1108156

The person above you is only telling PART of the truth. Yes, of course it takes thousands of dollars to get an invention manufactured, marketed, and protected, but companies like these, don't do ANY of that, for your money.

They take your money, but the payment you give them, doesn't help you get anything other than a "Provisional" patent, which only gives you a chance to get your invention ready for a REAL patent. You can do a product search yourself, for FREE, if you're willing to put in the work! These people, and companies LIKE them, don't do ANYTHING!! Besides paying THEM, you still have to pay for the design patent (which is the REAL patent, and can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars) the prototype, the manufacturing of your product, the materials, testing, licenses, etc...

NONE of that is included in the money you pay them. BEWARE!!!