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This respondent initially contracted with InventHelp for the preparation of a Basic Information Package (BIP). The BIP assembles basic information about an invention using standardized marketing information as well as information which the inventor provided to us. We also refer our clients to a patent attorney for the preparation of a Preliminary Patentability Search & Opinion.

The respondent then proceeded to contract with our company for assistance in submitting his invention to industry in an attempt to obtain a good faith review. InventHelp also referred his invention to a patent attorney in an effort to obtain a patent. Our records indicate that his InventHelp services were completed in their entirety and in accordance with his contract. The respondent, on the other hand, did not uphold his end, stopped paying for the services, and still owes nearly $7000.

The respondent’s claim that our contracts promise a refund if an identical patent is found is untrue.

The respondent is upset that his patent was denied. While this is unfortunate, the respondent acknowledged in writing, not only during, but also after contracting with our company that there is never a guarantee that the US Patent & Trademark Office will issue a patent and that a patent can be denied at anytime. We reached out to the respondent in a good faith attempt to resolve this matter and offered a fair resolution to his concerns.

So recently inventhelp admitted that my Patent was no good because there was already a pre existing patent filed. However, they could not refund me my full 7,048 dollars they gotten from me on the false pretense of investing into a good patent.

But they will, however, give me the 1,400 I paid for the patent and the 400 dollars filing fee, which by their standards, is a pretty good deal in which I should jump on. So this is their analogy.... If they steal a man's house from him and they offer to give him his cloths out of his closet, then he should be thankful. Within their contract they promise to refund you your full patent research money if they find an identical patent.

And of course you wouldn't see a need to invest an additional 12,000 into a non profitable patent. So to get around that they just tell you that your patent is good and if they find anything identical then they are only responsible for the patent research and filing fee and not the thousands of dollars taken to market it. It's a scam... A well thought out scam.Put a known Celebrity on the face of your business and you can scam the world.

Don't do it people. Nasty attitudes and entitlements are what your up against.

Product or Service Mentioned: Invent Help Invention Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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