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We have been aware of this individual for many years. In fact, we worked with this client to resolve her concerns in 2012 and we mutually agreed to resolve any differences of any kind. The client agreed that she would not raise her concerns again in any forum.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Invent Help, helped themselves to my money onlY!

Notice the only thing that has been invented which was a hundred years ago is the Slip N Slide.

Do not let this company fool you.


In the month of July of 2008, I went to the company called Invent Help.

This company is for people whom have inventions and want it on the Market Place.

Invent Help, helps people to launch their ideas and claims they help put your product in the Market Place.

I personally do not believe this to be true due to the fact of why I am writing to you today and the information I have been learning in the past few months.

I get is a lot of hot air!

On July 8, 2008 I was asked signed papers stating I give Invent help permission to research my product to see if there are any other products similar to my invention and to check the patent aspect of this product. The fee for this was $1000.00, which I agreed to pay and was paid in full based on Mr. Fosters information given me, at the time.

Mr.Joe Foster. whom is one of the spokes people for Invent Help.

The results came back as, there are not any products even close to my invention and the idea is patent-able.

I then was told I would have to pay a SMALL FEE for the Company Invent Help to get my product out into the Market Place which when a buyer comes a long , on top of the so called SMALL FEE which turned out to be $12,000.00, Invent Help wants from me , I would then pay Invent Help 22% of any offer made on my product if it is sold or displayed.

I was given a hundred papers or so to read.

I take all the information home to read with many of questions I needed answers to.

My main question was what if I say yes to all because I have money today, but I loose my job tomorrow and can not afford to pay being the payments are going to be $300 + dollars a month and the total amount due is $ 12,000.00 + . I explained to Mr. Foster I do not want to have a problem with my credit in the future nor do I want to be in debt over this?

Mr.Foster informed me and I quote The company that you will be paying your monthly payment to is a PRIVATE Company hired by Invent Help and works for us (meaning Invent Help) and will work with you if you have a payment problem and does not reflect your credit.

Mr. Foster said we (meaning Invent Help and Universal) will put your process on hold until you are able to pick up the pace of your payments and as far as your credit goes, being that Universal is a Private Company hired by US (meaning Invent Help), we have nothing to do with putting any marks on any persons credit if we had to stop the process of Marketing your product.

Money became extremely tight since January of 2010 and I have tried to understand why neither of these companies are willing to do what was said by the Invent Help company's Mr.Foster spokesman said BEFORE I SIGNED if I ran into a finance problem.

I have been arguing with both companies over this project for the past two months. Now I am out of $6,000.00 and my invention is not on the Market.

I called Mr. Foster and wanted to know why BEFORE I SIGNED the papers I was told one thing and a year later I have fallen on financial hard times, why is it that what was said by you (meaning Mr. Foster) when I signed the papers is not what is being done?

His reply is he will call the company and talk with them. In the mean time I have pulled my credit report and low and behold on my credit I am in the hole for 3 months of none-payment to the company of Universal which I was told is a private company and will not impare on my credit. I did get a call back from Mr. Foster and the reply is there is nothing he can do, he spoke to this person and that person. I said I do not understand , YOU SAID BEFORE I SIGNED TO AGREE TO THE TERMS, I WOULD BE ABLE TO STOP THE PROCESS AND PICK UP WHEN I AM BACK ON MY FEET AND THAT NO BAD CREDIT MARKS WOULD BE ON MY CREDIT!

I also told Mr. Foster UNIVERSAL IS ON my Credit Report.

This is not what you said would happen.


This company has NO RIGHT to have people sign papers under false information which is a bunch of smoke being blown in unmentionable places and being taken advantage.

I do not believe Mr.Foster when he says, he did not know the process would be unable to stop nor do I believe he did not know my credit would be marked BECAUSE HE SAID THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN AND IT DID.

I believe he did know this information before I signed the papers and still had me sign these papers anyway, but just did not care as long as I signed and if in the future I would fall on hard times because he did his part in false having me sign these papers and he still collects his check with out a problem which means he has earned his Browne points for the company of Invent Help and Universal which now he is acting like Universal is the company I signed with, but I was told I am with Invent Help, but this is not the case. Suddenly Universal is the one calling the shots and the Company Invent Help is on the back burner as a sister company.

I want action.

On top of this, this SCAM COMPANY INVENT HELP sends me every 3 months the same list of companies Invent Help claims they have sent my product to.

It is the same ALL THE TIME With the same list of companies.

Its as though there are 20 companies in their data base and every other month they change the lay out of the list, but if you read the list, they are all the same just in different order.


Product or Service Mentioned: Invent Help Invention Service.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1260870

Anonymous that to me is a great idea! Honest Inventors trying to get our inventions to people who truly give ***!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1260868

Thank you for sharing your experience. Good Luck with your invention. My experience was very similar.


Don't waste your time, hope, money and expectations!

To prove my point, why doesn't Invention Help company state their average customer success rate?

In other words, how many customers of theirs who have spent thousands of dollars paying Invention Help and all of those other misleading companies that will create a package describing your product and soliciting it to so-called "interested companies probably interested in your product/invention" whose product was NOT seen as important or profitable enough to want your product?

Show us the percentage of Invent Help customers that have had their invention accepted by the various companies that MAY/MIGHT HAVE BEEN INTERESTED!

The average success rate is ONLY 3% on every single one of these misleading Invention Help Companies! FACT!

And how come on the list of so-called satisfied customers of Invent Help have never listed their product to the people reading their posts on various websites?

That's because THEY NEARLY do NOT EXIST. Please, save your time and money and pride and DO NOT allow these type of "wishful thinking Invention Help Companies" to mislead you and draw you in when they are encouraging and allowing you to think and believe that your product could actually be one of the 3% products that are excepted by Product Manufacturing Companies.


I also paid over 12,000.00 dollars and got nothing in return

Katy, Texas, United States #1253854

Now CEO of davison open another invention website.

Katy, Texas, United States #1253851


My friend i am 64 years old this guys f me 25 years ago

they sent me a package and i drown and explain my idea in that package with confidentiality letter and sent it back to them and i never hear from them for two month.

I received a magazine and my invention exactly the product which was my idea was in that magazine for sale. they business is stealing your idea and they play with you for month and sale your idea to Chinese manufacturer or investors here .

Akron, Ohio, United States #1252060

Thank you! It's now 2016, and I was about to write to them on an invention that I have. Not now!


They got me for $15,000 and they basically did a patent search and made a computer drawing of my invention...THEY ARE CRIMINAL!!! If you are thinking about working with Invent Help DONT!!! Go buy a car instead of throwing money away on NOTHING!!

Panama City Beach, Florida, United States #1238553

So is patent USA the same? How is it supposed to work because they want us to pay for blue print and for one he signed a confidential form...

We haven't paid for anything yet but we got a call from patent USA and said no out of pocket fees? I am lost, help!!

Kathleen, Georgia, United States #1236680

I went through a similar situation but realized I was sweet talked after investing half. I paid for a book & a basic patent search that a high school student could produce all for $1000.

The company has a 1% success rate?!? The second meeting didn't go so well, as I told him this was a crock of ***.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1236675

thank you who .


I invented remote control with screen for game consol 15yrs ago. They tricked me to do blue print.

Never got back to me.

Til I seen it in the market. Million dollar idea


I'm going threw the same exact thing now I heard of a Davison company come to find out it's scam as well do you think it's a possibility I can get my money back.


Hello I have the same expereince and have not paid a year and now my credit is ruined how do I cancel the contract with them?

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1217630

I am SOOOOO glad to have read this. I have a meeting scheduled for October 1st, but will be canceling it.

The guys WAS kind of a fast talker on the phone. And he mentioned signing a confidentiality agreement. thanks. Maybe people like us should get together and get our own patents.


Thank you for the advice !! I had made the initial call but now , I don't think so .

Let's get together and make our own pitches to companies . Forget these dudes

Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States #1209297

Thanks for the heads-up.


I had the same problem. InventHelp rip me off 14,000.00usd and all I received instead was a bunch of letters with the name of the "manufacturers" to whom they were trying to sell my product and of course it never happened.

They are scam and they know it. Bunch of liers!!!!!!


I now ponder if United Patent Research Conduct their business in a Unscrupulous manner and leave inventors hanging with no results. I leave it All in the Hands of GOD and Pray for the Best.


I have had the exact same issue. What it is Invent help has people taking out loans for them then you make their monthly payments.

However; there are no words in the contract that says you will be responsible for the loan if you drop out or breach the contract if your not satisfied. Read your contract carefully. The law suit in this matter would be under the deceptive practice act. You could win what you put into Inventhelp as well as proof of them getting you the bad credit punitive damage.

Hope this helps, oh hurry! You have 2 yrs to file a law suit from the time it took place.