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It appears that this consumer possibly submitted inventions to our company. However, there are some inventions which we simply choose not to work with. Every InventHelp perspective client signs a Statement of Confidentiality and Non-Use along with our sales representative. This document ensures that our company can do nothing with the consumer’s invention without the consumer’s written consent. We can assure this consumer that we did not misuse or share her invention with anyone.
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I have submitted two times for two different inventions and they told me that it was impossible I still have the paperwork after all these years but now I'm starting to see the same invention in stores then they tell me its nothing I can do about it first come first serve whoever pays for it first is the owner of the inventions after I asked can we compare dates of the inventionthis company should be sued

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I went to invent help in Toronto about 6 years ago. They were offering a service that I did not need.

I did my own market research and they wanted to do it for me. Furthermore, they advertised the invention they patented, a plumbing flange or something. They had it on their website, and at the office in Toronto. That was the only thing they had.

Really. a huge company with 60 locations world wide, only one patented item?

Sounds like they know who to get money from inventors more than they know how to patent a product. Go to a patent attorney if you want to patent something.