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Detroit, Michigan

Inventhelp is crooks. Around 1995 I contacted them with an ideal and they stole it from me.

Those sping rims and sprees. They were my ideal. After getting my kit, someone called me and asked about my invention. I gave them a small discription about the gauges on truck trailer wheels.

I sent my drawings in and they never called me. I was driving and seen my invention past me by on a car some 3 years later. My wife said "look there goes your ideal" As poor as we are, to thing someone would treat us fair. They stole my dream .My name: Kelvin Wilson my address then was 610 Marquette dr.

Det mi. My contact now is.

Ph: 313-412-5760. Facebook Kelvin l Wilson.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have A appointment but reading these reviews make me say I better cancel it thank you.

Germantown, Maryland, United States #991927

Kevin Wilson unfortunately those of us who put our trust in man instead of

God will be taken advantage of. God will give you another invention,but ask for His guidance. Be blessed.

to Anonymous #1013431