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We are unable to identify this respondent as an InventHelp client. The first document any perspective client signs is a Statement of Confidentiality and Non-Use. This document ensures that the idea will not be used, sold, assigned or disclosed to any other person without the perspective client’s permission.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Why Inventhelp wants you to sign over your invention before telling you about the invention package?

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those ***! About 10 years ago I was inquiring about inventing a vending machine that accepts credit/debit cards.

I was told my idea was not practical and would never make it on the market. I remained adamant about pushing the invention. It wasn't long before my calls were ignored. Next thing you know my invention is in the corner of every grocery store and movie theatre.

I'm sure those bastards are living the life off of my idea!!!! *** ***!!

to Anonymous #1130343

Really? I'm sure your idea to put a credit card reader on a vending machine was patented at the same time the actual card reader, or when the actual credit card was invented.

You seriously don't think they had the idea to put it on everything like gas pumps, ect.

I'm sure that was an idea long before 10 years ago. You are a TOOL!