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This consumer contracted with our company in 2011 for assistance in submitting his invention to industry in an attempt to obtain a good faith review. We prepared descriptive materials about the invention such as brochures, press releases, invention summaries and catalogs. The services for this consumer were nearly completed until such time that he chose to stop paying for the services. The consumer signed a contract agreeing to make payments for our invention services. Should he have any questions regarding his balance he should contact Universal Payment Corporation at 1800-766-1110.
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It's unfortunate that Invent Help get away with so much and for so long.I am a victim myself. And still struggling to free myself from their unconscionable acts.I payed them $5000 out of $9500.Had family issues thus had to delay monthly payments.

Contacted Universal Payment agent customer service.Was advised so long as I keep up within 3 months I will not be defaulting.Sad to say in less than 3 weeks I was reported to all 3 credit bureaus.Now have a sad credit score. Making it sound like they gave me a lone and that I failed to pay back.Invent Help wrote me within the same period that my contract has been canceled or discontinued. This same guy called Mike, from Universal Payment that reported me to the credit companies continues to harass me to pay the balance.

Do I have to pay the balance for no service from Invent Help?? Please advice.

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tell universal if they wont stop harassing you or want payment to go and file a complaint and you'll see them in court. they will not bother you again


InventHelp they warn you they tell you that it might work or it won't it's a leap of faith.The only thing that I see is that you got behind on your payments and that's a risk.Three types of people in this world.Those who make it happen. Those who watch it happen. Those that don't know what happened which one are you.


One thing for sure is that Invent Help most definitely proved themselves as being the ones to not "make things happen". This company is fraudulent and everyone who consider using their services should reconsider.