Birmingham, Alabama

Inventhelp promised me they would help me get my invention on the shelves of the world. All I got was heartache and disappointment and laughed at by my family.

They are the I told you so, and they never forget anything. They always breakout the samples of my stupidity the book with my picture in it that cost me a cool 8,000. dollar it hurt just to say the numbers. I will never try that again .

These are the people that steal in plain site and no one will help you. They are allowed to steal your money, like pawn shop owners are allowed to buy stolen items and if I do I go to jail. There are special rules for thieves and no to protect us from them.

How do you be found guilty of a crime and be allowed to do the same thing again and again. I want someone to stand up for me.The scam is that they never advertise your product or ideas, and how can you prove they did not.

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You should find a lawyer. I had an inquiry with them but I picked up on their scheme before I did business with them. The lawyer will know exactly what to do.


Why don't you all get together and do a class action? I'm willing to bet none of all the people complaining have even tried to contact either fed or local DAs.

Who gives $1000s to a company advertised on TV and then hopes everything will work out?

People have been complaining about this company for years. If I were you I would track down the names you know and talk to them in person. Be creative.

They all feel fear. I'm so tired of Americans being complacent after being ripped off Stop crying and do something !!!


How is it that every single person that submits a complaint on this website is an uneducated fool who can't write a simple sentence that makes sense?