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We would be more than happy to help this respondent, but the respondent needs to identify himself to us. Our contract is a two year service providing inventor assistance. If a client wishes to pay for the services over time that does not negate his responsibility to pay for the services in full and payment should not be based on the outcome of which there are no guarantees. Furthermore, our inventor success stories are not paid advertisers. The respondent should contact us so that we can address his concerns.
Houston, Texas

I HAD AND I AM STILL HAVING A TERRIBLE TIME WITH THIS COMPANY! I could no longer pay for their services and they keep billing me even though I wamt to cancel their services they wont allow me to because they will tell you you only have seven days after you make a contract with them to cancel the contract thats no time at all it all sounds great and they tell you success stories and how some peoples inventions were made but you realize that your about 14,000 in debt and when youve almost half way paid it off you still have nothing but a bill to pay off and if you dont they send you in to collections which dings your credit report every time beware stay away from this company and research about half of these success stories or more are all paid people advertising for this company and im tired of this ruining my life I cant get anything in credit anymore heres some real advice save up some money and start a business if you want to make something that will be hard but rewarding and stay away from these scammers at all cost you have been warned!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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