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We would be more than happy to help this respondent, but the respondent needs to identify himself to us. The respondent’s explanation of the services is not accurate. We do not evaluate inventions or state or imply success to any of our inventor clients. While we do perform a limited competitive check usually through catalogs, it is impossible to adequately check the marketplace for similar products. We do not understand his statement with regard to a similar product as we do not provide any correspondence stating that an invention cannot be marketed because of a similar product. The respondent should contact us so that we can address his concerns.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

First, I was told that my Invention idea sounded great, before I paid my money of course. I was also told that no invention idea like mine has been found.

After hearing this 'good news' I paid a total of $5,950. I was encouraged to finance the balance with Universal Payments Corporation at PO Box 2759 Pittsburgh, PA 15230.(800) 766-1110)As long as I was making payments, I was receiving letters that my invention is being shown to investors. However, last year I noticed that only one month after I made my last payment (for a total of $12,000), I received a letter stating that my invention can't be marketed because a similar invention has been found. (not the exact words, but the same meaning) I have copies of the letters and all receipts.

I can't find my down payment receipt of $4,500. However, when I went on-line to verify the Invent help Office address in Lafayette, Louisiana (4010 West Congress Street #205, 70506, there was a message on-line stating that this Invent Help office is closed.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Ponchatoula, Louisiana, United States #1300339

wow I hate hearing that but my friend guy I work with just went to this company not even two months ago and had along talk or you 100% sure their closed and again I am sorry too hear that I am crying about only have of the money to have put out but not with this company I was planning on going to meet them after I got my PPA not before I am just tried of the run around but my friend likes this company and he is super smart and wise


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Put the bums out of business! File a complaint with the FTC - !