West Chester Township, Ohio

Inventing 101:

1) There are no short cuts from idea to profitability

2) You (YOU) have to become the, draftsmen, engineer, prototyper, salesmen and marketer to prove to yourself you have a viable market ready invention. Otherwise you will waste big $$$.

3) Never refer to your idea as your baby. Don't get emotionally involved with your idea. Stay objective.

4) Be-prepared to walk away from your idea at a no-go junction. There will be lots of decision cross roads.

5) Never hire idea submission companies.

6) Don't take advise from friends of family, they don't want to hurt your feelings.

7) Have strangers purchased your invention? YES, move forward. NO, walk away!

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Good advice from BOTH posts!!!


That is EXACTLY the correct advice. do not trust anyone that is willing to help you in getting a patent across and make money for you.

they owe you nothing and will take it from you if they can. Be wise, think for yourself.