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my wife and I have a invention and we thought that getting with inventhelp would be a good idea. Well it's been two years with them and nothing has happened.

The only time they would talk to us is when it was time to give more money. Well now that time is up with them they want the rest of the money for their time. They haven't given us a prototype or anything just a picture of how our idea looked. We want to sue because they haven't helped with anything and my wife and I think our invention is a great idea.

We have our idea patent with our lawyer not there's.

please help us. we want to know if we can sue for more money.

Monetary Loss: $5550.

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They are rip offs. I had idea for an excercising machine/ equipment, the guy told me up front it was a great idea but i needed 10,000 dollars up front. About almost a year later I saw a similar design from called the The Perfect Rip Deck out on the market.

Do not go to these people they work around your ideas to make monies for themselves.

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