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First, call the invention company and ask to speak to someone about receiving a refund. They will connect you to a well-trained employee who will try every trick in the book to keep you happy. This individual will know exactly what to say (they have these conversations everyday with disgruntled clients), and they’ll try to convince you that you’re in good hands and tell you that everything possible is being done to promote your invention. This person will sound so sincere about wanting to help you, that you’ll find it hard to believe that the company is totally ripping you off.

Be determined and persevere: Next, threaten to send a written complaint to: The Federal Trade Commission, The Attorney General (AG) in your State, the AG in the State where the company is located, your (2) Senators offices, Yelp,, Google Reviews and The Better Business Bureau. Then, you’ll need to write a complaint letter detailing the salesman’s misrepresentations and the company’s fraudulent services. You should send this letter (or an email) to the person you’ve been speaking with at the invention company. Tell them that if you don’t receive a full refund within (10) days – the complaint letter will be sent to all the organizations listed above. Also, advise them that you’re considering contacting a lawyer who is very familiar with the invention business.

At this point, the person you’ve been speaking to at the invention company will be concerned. She’ll tell you that she doesn’t have the authority to offer you a refund and will need to call you back. Then, a few days later you’ll receive a phone call, and she’ll try offering you: 1) extra services, 2) a better type of patent, or 3) an extension of your contract. Tell her – no – only a full refund. Well, now the game begins. She’ll call you back again and this time she’ll offer you a few hundred dollars (if you sign a general release). Tell her – no – only a full refund. A few days later, she’ll call back and offer approx. one-third to one-half of your total payment. Tell her – no – and this time you can mention that you’re thinking about contacting an investigative journalist on TV.

Remember: just keep saying – no – to every “partial refund offer” and eventually, you should receive all your money back. However, if they’re still being stubborn: 1) send out your complaint letter, 2) contact an attorney, and 3) call an investigative journalists (like “7 On Your Side”) – this will keep up the pressure. The last thing the invention company wants is to be scrutinized by Attorney General’s, the Federal Trade Commission, lawyers and reporters.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Great advice!! I am going to copy & paste this info to share with others who may be tempted to give money to these scammers!! Thx!