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Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

i went to invent help for them to help to patent my idea and submit to companies i was befriended by the sales person name renee hope in order to get started i was to give her 1ooo. then she told me to get the discount i needed then i was able to get to the next step i had not heard from them then i recieve a survey cause i didnt complete the survey they decide they dont want to do bussiness!after nearly 4000 i filed a claim in court!we need more people to stand up againt this company.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #619224

I got ripped off by these people too. Hopefully there's a nice warm place in *** for them.

I found a site where for a one-time price of 250.00 I could list my product.

Have not got any hits yet but the results are predictable. Look at for details.


are all invention companies pretty much scams?


*** invent help thier last succesfull invetion was like in 1996 the *** water slide thing ....kiss my *** inventhelp i found a real company

to uncle elm Princeton, Minnesota, United States #605876

I realize that this posting is a few years old now, but I was taken by the scam. Still paying on a contract, would like to figure out how to get rid of them. Who is a real company?

to uncle elm #1358249

I know your review is years old, but sir, did you find a company that really helped you? I need advise.


You had $4000 to blow you should have used it promote your idea instead of giving it away. Are you ***? By the way, is there a company involved here or are you just a rambling ***?