Jacksonville, Florida

Don't waste your money. At first, they pretend that they are going to help you, but after you pay your money "you are nothing but a dummy to them." Don't waste your money

invent help is just a legal thief, nfortnately I had to get caught by them.

if you can go independent go ahead.

I tried to get my invention through them, but nothing was in process and three years later somebody else came up with invention. I feel robbed and dissapointed.

why would they even allow such company aroud. I have so much faith in my invention and I know for fact It would have been great, but now someby else is ejoying my idea, and it's all because of invent help.

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Why don't you stop crying and take the law into your own hands? Giving money to the to good to be true companies has been going on for millennia.

Instead of crying about it hunt them down and do something They all have families and bank accounts. Demand your money back.


I would contact Davison company, they are great!! and they have products in alot of stores!!

Just go to www.davison.com and submit your idea!!


So if there isn't Inventhelp, where do y ou go to get your idea legitimately submitted? They told me the office consultation was at no charge; I'am not paying some company thousands of dollars to donothing.