Middletown, Ohio

A 3 PM appointment had me leaving house at 2. Can't find 20283.

Up & down road lined with mostly trees and building's without addresses on west side. Shopping center type area's prove fruitless. finally find service station with 20385 over door. Hope buildings behind have one I seek.

Spot Sheriff car. Approach with clip my clip board showing the place I'm seeking in large numbers. Deputy enters this into computer. Viola!.

I'm told how to find it behind Storage Business to the north. At last. upon arrival, become lost in building. Finally in Suite 400.

Jeffrey L. Klein first words to me are, "You've been here before." NO WAY. Let's just say, things went down hill.

I'm extremely annoyed when a person lies right to my face. What ever he hopes to accomplish with that type of attitude isn't welcome on any path i choose to trod even if it's hard to find

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I just want to say that it doesn't matter how someone spells a word or pronounces a word or doesn't know how to pronounce and/or spell a word. That doesn't give anyone the right to RIP people off ejaculator uh I mean extratestical *** I mean you Exasperated *** uhhuh (***) *** :) :grin ,) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x


While every one of these reviews is helpful in confirming my suspicions regarding InventHelp's sleazy M.O., I remain amazed at the utter near-incomprehensibility of most of these inventors' writings.

Every one of them has atrocious spellings, weird words and misused/confused terms (saying "pray" when they meant "prey", as in "preyed upon").

Is this half the problem? If people are incapable of accurately expressing themselves and communicating clearly anymore, why should we be surprised that money is lost due to misunderstandings, miscommunications and errors in reading.

There is only a teeny difference between "unclear" and "nuclear", but the words have vastly different meanings. Just like "archrival" and "archival". If you can't differentiate the small stuff, your message is going to be lost, misunderstood, or worse, used against you!

People, learn to spell again! Learn basic grammar!

If musicians played with as many mistakes as you make in your communication, you'd never buy another piece of music in your life!

to Exasperated #1108197

It may hurt people's feelings, but I have to agree with Exasperated. I have thought the same thing as I read each of these complaints.

If you can't spell properly, or use the right word in the right context, or structure a sentence properly, then believe me, they see you COMING. They probably KNOW that most people talk, the same way they spell or write, which lets them know what they can, and cannot, get away with. And no...people should not lose their money, (no one should be taken advantage of) but maybe instead of worrying about an invention, they ought to worry about their grammar, spelling, and the way they speak, or express themselves.

If you're not sure if you need to do better, then maybe not reading, or understanding contracts correctly, is the FIRST problem that you'll need to conquer... Just sayin'...