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Oviously, this consumer is not an InventHelp client. The post does not even properly reflect a service we provide. We have no service for $500.
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Seriously everything negative you have read is legitimate. Do not support this company in any way.

They're out to get your money and that's the sole objective. They don't care about you or your idea. They'll cut your bait and run off with it, never to be heard from again. They tried to get me to submit $500 to them for an "invention report." I'm thankfully am smart enough to know at that point that these people are straight crooks.

I can do my open report by researching inventions online and in marketplace catalogs for free??? Why would I pay you 500 for it. So thankfully I never gave them a dime. Then I did my research on these people and EVERYTHING I've read is bad.

Literally haven't found one review that details a positive experience.

I'm just curious to know how they are still a a functioning company.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The saddest part about life is when you really need your family and so-called friends no one will ever be there for you been crying all day

Invent Help stole my idea and I want the world to know: Twin Back To Back Home Theater


In 1991 I thought of inventing a back-to-back TV that you can view from both sides but watch different channels at the same time the TV will also come out to two separate TVs that's side by side in 2001 I went through invent help in San Francisco California to help me patent MY idea I gave them I believe $2,000 I was outraged to only get a book in the past couple of years I've been trying to get people to help me on how to file a patent without giving them any information or details of what the idea was now on August 21 2016 I'm looking on Facebook and the makers of LG intra home system is now selling my TV for for $10,000 I called InventHelp to see if I can get a copy of the book I bought from them and they told me they have record of it but can't send me any information because all information was deleted out the system and all they have is my name and that I did pay for a research that's what they're calling it I asked them with crying tears if they could just send me the information they do have and I was told no and why did I need My information this is so crazy right now I feel like I'm in a dream that I'm never going to wake up out of I'm poor and I'm black and don't nobody give a *** but me I just want to crawl under a rock and die like this is my TV my idea that I came up with and I trusted InventHelp and this is what they did to me so my idea I can't even think like my heart is breaking into right now thanks for listening


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Put the bums out of business! File a complaint with the FTC - !