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The respondent’s explanation of our services is misleading. InventHelp prepares a Basic Information Package (BIP). The BIP assembles basic information about an invention using standardized marketing information as well as information which the inventor provided to us. We also refer our clients to an independent patent attorney for the preparation of a Preliminary Patentability Search & Opinion. If the respondent wishes to discuss this matter, he should contact us.
Hamilton, Ontario

I went to the office in Toronto with a design and a proto-type of my product. The guy there thought it was a great idea (of course) and sold me on the idea of having them put together a patent search and a game plan to get my product into trade shows.

I paid approximately $1,100. My next appointment i was handed a very impressive hard covered book with Patent search fields, along with drawings and information on moving forward. The SALESMAN then tried to convince me to invest more money so my product would be more appealing to companies at Trade Shows. The interesting thing is that all of the drawings in the book can be found at Google Patents for free.

They use the exact same pictures. Do it yourself.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Many, if not all companies' main source of income is from those people who do not have the time or knowledge to do things themselves. Other than informing people about Google parents, this post was pointless.

to Anonymous #1108165

If it gave ANY kind of insight, it was not "pointless". SOME people don't even know THAT much about these companies, so it was still valuable info for someone who has no clue about these scamming types of places.

to Anonymous Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1292317

i freaking lost 700 on a *** book. Mitch Moye from columbia sc wanted me to invest $13,562.11 i told him i was gona talk to my wife he said hum no the offer was only that day after that day i couldnt finance for 1 percent interest ao i sat back down signed the contract.

to zurilopez23 Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1292326

then the next day friday i felt a sick to my stomach feeling i then started doing reserch after paying him $3,800 cash and promise to give him the other $200 coming monday

to zurilopez23 Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1292331

i then found out many complaints and i call them to cancel the contract the lady was pissed then i talk to Mitch he was mad but then told me to wait till next week. the dude told me that so the cooling off period to cancel any contract would pass i told him no i was making sure i follow intruction to cancel the contract through written and certified mail letter to there corporate in pittsburg.

idid i was so mad. dont trust inventhwlp salesman open your eyes theyre salesman