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This is not an InventHelp client. The description of the services is not accurate; our pricing is clear and concise and there are no pricing options available; our patent referral services do not include a provisional patent, etc. This is not our company.
Sarasota, Florida

Inventhelp offers a free “inventors package” that includes a “Non-Disclosure Form & Confidential Agreement” which they want to you to fill-out and return for a free review.

After a week or so, an “invention consultant” will call you (or send an email) to tell you that your idea has been “accepted” by their firm. Additionally, they’ll tell you that: 1) your idea has tremendous potential, 2) their research dept. is very excited about it, 3) they’ve never seen anything like it, 4) there’s nothing else on the market that is similar, and 5) you could make a lot of money.

Next, they’ll send you a contract for $300 – $1500 for “a research report,” and they’ll tell you that if the report comes back “negative” – you’ll receive a full refund (beware: none of these reports are negative or critical). In fact, each report is filled with standard language (boilerplate) that describe the various stages for developing any invention. You might also receive “a preliminary” patent search (which is completely unreliable) along with a drawing and some other useless information. At the conclusion of the report, it will state that your idea is sound, practical, or useful. So, now the company wants to submit your idea to the manufacturing “industry” and bilk more money from you.

Within ten days, you’ll receive an “Invention Submission Agreement” asking for $2,000 – $20,000 that will provide completely useless services for developing and promoting your idea. They’ll probably give you a choice: you can pay a very high amount and keep 90% of your “future royalties” or you can pay a few thousand dollars less and keep 65% – 70%. This ploy is just a trick to encourage you to pay the highest fee and keep the highest percentage of “royalties” (that you’ll never see) – for example: you can pay $12,000 and keep 90% of future “royalties” or pay $10,000 and keep 80% or pay $8,000 and keep 70%. Most inventors choose the $12,000 – 90% plan because they’ve been convinced by the salesman (invention consultant) that they’re going to make millions.

They may also want to file a “Design Patent” which only protects the exact outer shape of your idea. However, a Design Patent does not protect the way the invention works. In some cases, the invention company will offer to file a “Provisional Patent Application” which does not protect the design and function of your idea. This application simply registers your invention at The US Patent Office on a specific date for $130 and gives you one year to file a real patent application (non-provisional). After the one year has expired, you will still need to file a real patent application (usually $8,500 – $15,000 for a simple invention). Needless to say, the invention company has no intention of paying for a real patent application that offers the only form of legal protection.

Your consultant will continue to deceive you by stating that: 1) the company will use every form of promotion to license or sell your invention, 2) you could receive a “cash-buyout” of millions of dollars, 3) you might receive a 5% royalty in addition to a huge upfront payment, and 3) they will pay all the costs associated with securing a royalty agreement (beware: they rarely – if ever – receive any legitimate interest from reputable manufacturers, corporations, venture capitalists, or organizations).

Now, this is just a small dose of the lies, misrepresentations, and outright deceptions that you will encounter with every single invention marketing company that asks you for money. So, how do they stay in business? Well, many of these firms have been closed down by the Federal Trade Commission. However, new ones keep popping-up who are more clever than their predecessors. For example, in their contracts, they include mandatory “Warnings to Inventors” that disclose the high-risk nature of inventing and the fact that most inventors lose their money. Federal and State laws require all invention companies to include a long list of warnings that describe the perils of trying to launch a new product.

The problem is that the salesman (invention consultants) are unbelievably skillful at dismissing these warnings and know exactly how to keep you hyped up. When you speak to a salesman on the phone (or in their office) they are well-rehearsed at making you believe that your invention has a very good chance of success; and it’s one of the best they’ve ever seen. Also, they’ll pump you up by saying: “this could be your one chance to make a fortune.”

The salesmen will stop at nothing. They’ll call you day and night to tell you how excited they are about your invention. They’ll also tell you that if you don’t market this invention – someone else will – and they’ll make all the money. The truth is: your salesman will say anything to motivate you to pay the fee because they receive a huge commission on your payments. In fact everyday, your salesman is telling other inventors the same exact lies that they’re telling you. Somewhere along the line, these salesman have lost their conscience and will say whatever is necessary to get your money.

You may find it hard to believe that these “nice consultants” are devious liars because they all sound so sincere on the phone or at their office. They seem to be your best buddy, but in reality they’re your worst nightmare; they know that you’ll never make a dime, and they couldn’t care less. For these consultants – it’s all about the commission.

Question: Are all fee-based invention marketing companies a scam? YES! (especially those that advertise on TV and the internet).

Within 4 months, you’ll feel the pangs of regret and realize that your invention company has absolutely no expertise in marketing inventions. Call the Attorney General in Pittsburg - they know all about Inventhelp and its former names: Invention Submission Corp, Invention Marketing Inc., IntroMark and others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Invent Help Invention Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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El Dorado Hills, California, United States #1257011

Omg thank you! You just saved me $13,000!

Everything you mentioned was explained to me! I'm supposed to pay a down payment on Monday! Now it won't happen. They already got $1,000 for patent search.

I guess that's my loss now.

I'm canceling them out! I'm so bummed!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1217178

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The saddest part about life is when you really need your family and so-called friends no one will ever be there for you been crying all day

Invent Help stole my idea and I want the world to know: Twin Back To Back Home Theater


In 1991 I thought of inventing a back-to-back TV that you can view from both sides but watch different channels at the same time the TV will also come out to two separate TVs that's side by side in 2001 I went through invent help in San Francisco California to help me patent MY idea I gave them I believe $2,000 I was outraged to only get a book in the past couple of years I've been trying to get people to help me on how to file a patent without giving them any information or details of what the idea was now on August 21 2016 I'm looking on Facebook and the makers of LG intra home system is now selling my TV for for $10,000 I called InventHelp to see if I can get a copy of the book I bought from them and they told me they have record of it but can't send me any information because all information was deleted out the system and all they have is my name and that I did pay for a research that's what they're calling it I asked them with crying tears if they could just send me the information they do have and I was told no and why did I need My information this is so crazy right now I feel like I'm in a dream that I'm never going to wake up out of I'm poor and I'm black and don't nobody give a *** but me I just want to crawl under a rock and die like this is my TV my idea that I came up with and I trusted InventHelp and this is what they did to me so my idea I can't even think like my heart is breaking into right now thanks for listening


More info at


so every knows if they read this part there is another company called Davidson in Pittsburgh PA who operates just like this company mention


Valuable commentary ! I am thankful for the insight - Does anyone know if my assistant could possibly acquire a fillable a form form to complete ?

Warren, Michigan, United States #1108141

That was perhaps the best explanation I have seen, about these BS places. I had the same experience about 30 years ago, but thank GOD that I only went for what they called a FREE consultation at that time, and didn't lose any money.

(The Company name was different back then, but it's probably the same place/people).

I am planning to share your post with everyone I know, who has a product, or an idea, and may think that this is the way to go, if you wouldn't mind. The internet is more valuable than most people think.

ANYTHING you need to find out about ANY person, place, business, school, or service, is right at your fingertips, if you just take the time to LOOK! Thank you for sharing your experience.

to MrsHubbyD #1115741

The Shuuk - All inventors must read this warning!

They make profit while the dreams of their customers die. Do not let this company fool you.

As we are all hard working people looking to make our dreams come true and should not be ripe off from company that are not real.

I know this is not going to sit well with me I will be moving foward with this matter.

Shuuk created a unique online voting system which is wide open to manipulation and accept negative votes as well. That allows you to vote for himself and agains others.

What is more – not only once? IT’S NOT ONE MAN –ONE VOTE.


As we know traditionaly votes are positive votes only. The negative votes system is manipulable, unlike the ones we have now- we only vote in favor of a single candidate (or a list of candidates) and not against a candidate. The only trustfull and legal voting system is that when voters voting over the internet were required to insert their PIN or tracks all incoming votes based on the unique IP address.

Not including any malicious pratices as multiplay negative voting. BUT WAITE; there is more ….. We noticed as well that during the contest someone had unauthorized access to the voting system and manipulated the votes. I would accept the results when the election is free and clean.

I cannot accept fraud. In addition, no one signs for the machines when they show up. No one’s responsible for watching them. Through the help of friends who had access to servers, he were able to rack up 1,000s of votes in less than an hour.

Hacking voting machines is easier than you can ever imagined. You can download online for free couple of programs who can changed your identities (like getting a new IP address) and submitt a vote again. They can be used with a browser to give you a certain degree of anonymity online by using a distributed network of relays run by volunteers. Read below; The Browser protects/annonymizes you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world.

In this effort it takes the ip address of the end of the relay channel and not that of your machine/router. The true moral of this story is if the vote counts are not made public, you can pick any one you want as the winner. Gaming online voting has been around since the invention of online voting so In a good will I sent couple of messages to Tamara G. Kleinberg and Jenny Rons to warn them that their sistem is corrupted and asked them to advice what action they will take.

They preferred do not reply on my message. I believe they know what they are doing and they are guided by experts on how to get legislations passed. They are fully aware of this issue and still have face to required non refundable inventor’s investment to submit for participation of $297. Perhaps you know, debit cards provided to fraud company’s victims were used to pay for Caribbean vacations, NFL tickets, Dom Perignon champagne, 'Girls Gone Wild' videos, and at least one sex change operation.

Do you tolerate this? We all together have to avoid invention promotion scam and take steps to prevent others falling victim. We have to eliminate waste and fraud.

We must do this. Mihail Mihaylov Phone- UK (44)1782 644895 Skype; mihail.mihaylov77