Ronald of Yakima, WA I've known about InventHelp for a long time and my interactions with their reps have all been positive. They've been really nice and interested in helping me. Signing up was easy. The experience has been exciting and I'm liking it.
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Juvenal of Boynton Beach, FL After I saw InventHelp's commercial with George Foreman when I was watching TV, I had an idea and I looked for their office. Their rep, Jeff, has been a good person and he’s been helping me and I’m very happy with his work. Any question and...
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Kathiuzka of Sebring, FL On 2015 I started my journey with my invent with the help of Aaron ** (from InventHelp). This company help me to make the first steps on investigations about my invention and tell me about the packages that they have to help me to get my patent...
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Fancisco of Fort Lauderdale, FL They provided me with a 5 star service.
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Juliette of Mount Vernon, WA We’ve met face-to-face with Jim and Carol from InventHelp here in the Seattle office and they were brilliant. I first met them the first week of October and with them in sales, I cannot fault their enthusiasm, friendliness and helpfulness....
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David of Harwhich, MA My partner and I did some research then investigated InventHelp and decided to go with them. The rep was a sweetheart to work with. She answered the questions that we had and if she didn't have the answers, she would find them for us. Every time...
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Xavier of Pico Rivera, CA I've been accessing InventHelp’s website for the last 15 years and my experience with them has been great so far. I submitted my invention in November last year and it has been established and accepted. The draft has been adopted and the...
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Edward of Farmington Hills, MI I have very positive experience with InventHelp. When I came up with my tool invention, I was looking for patenting it and marketing. One night, I had seen InventHelp commercial with a cave man working on the stone wheel, and I thought, I...
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Raymond of Sugar Land, TX I would like to say that I have did my research on various companies and found that InventHelp have been one of the best sources in helping prepare making my dream a reality. So I am truly waiting patiently to have my invention at trade shows...
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Tiffany N. It's a pleasure for me to announce that Invent Help has been the greatest company to help me with my journey and success Drew Hill has been one of the best Regional Sales Director ever. Today I celebrate my one yr anniversary with this company and are...
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