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Invent Help Review from Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Invent Help
Paul of Hopkinsville, KY Some friends told me to try InventHelp and my experience since then was wonderful. The rep had a warm smile and all friendly. He was really good. I learned more since I've been with them and it's hard for me to do stuff like this. They are a great company. Read more

Invent Help Review from Bartow, Florida

Invent Help
Douglass of Bartow, FL Id recommend InventHelp to everyone. They are knowledgeable and know what theyre doing. They put me on to a patent attorney and from there, the attorney got me on a patent pending right now. Im pleased with them. Read more

Invent Help Customer Review from Washington, DC

Invent Help
Darryl of Washington, DC I thought I had something that the public would like to see that's why I went to InventHelp. And also it would be some kind of an investment. I had great help and support from them. I've been talking with my buddy, Mr. ** and we went over the patents with the product and a lot of information that they gave about it. The service that he's provided, I feel is putting me in the right direction to go and proceed... Read more
David of El Torro, CA I have been working with InventHelp for at least two years. The licensing department has been fabulous and super easy to work with. Theyve been very quick to react to us, whether it is in the request of prototypes or requests for license,...
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Deidrick of Dallas, TX InventHelp is one of the greatest organizations I've ever encountered. They took care of me from beginning to end. Very organized, extremely supportive, very understanding. The patent attorney that I had, Carl, was very supportive. He...
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Robert of Atlanta, GA I saw the George Foreman commercial on TV about InventHelp. The representative has been absolutely superb. Im very confident working with him. I have no reason to expect that would change. Were moving forward. The products that I have received,...
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Tracy of Norfolk, VA The reps at InventHelp are very knowledgeable, helpful and have given me the cost upon the cents. Everything's been good. Only thing is a timely process but I guess it takes time to get everything done. It's been a fun, exciting and...
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Shelby of Lewisberry, PA I have had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. ** in Lancaster. He made it very clear that only the marketplace can determine if my product will be successful. He laid out the steps that we will be taking to present my product to manufacturers and...
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Dana of Harrisville, RI Their reps were very professional and thorough. They work you through a process that is very intricate and unfamiliar. Then they charter you through a course that you can do it on your own. But by the time you're done, you're spending a...
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Dennis of Los Angeles, CA Even though I didnt know anything about it, everything sounded quite straightforward to me. Since everything sounded fine, I went with InventHelp and I couldn't have gotten any better help than what I got from the guy I first started with....
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Jeana of Madison, TN I had a couple of inventions and I went into an InventHelp local office here in Gordonsville, Tennessee and spoke with the representative there. We determined that one of my inventions would probably go over better than the other and he got...
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Dennis of Hamilton, OH I had an idea of something and everybody was telling me to patent and market it but I had no clue how to do that. When I saw George Foreman on TV advertising InventHelp, I got online and checked it and thought of giving them a try. I got into...
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Tracee of Las Vegas, NV They've been most helpful in helping me to gain what I needed with my invention. The way that they've outlined everything for me has been wonderful.
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