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Invent Help is the best

Invent Help
Tiffany N. It's a pleasure for me to announce that Invent Help has been the greatest company to help me with my journey and success Drew Hill has been one of the best Regional Sales Director ever. Today I celebrate my one yr anniversary with this company and are very pleased to be apart of Invent Help they are family to me. "Invent Help" they are the ones for u Read more

Invent Help Review from SLC, Utah

Invent Help
Heather of SLC, Utah I have been with Invent Help for awhile, and they have always been upfront with me. I first dealt with another company and found out some real bad dealings that had happened with that company. Thank goodness I never gave them any money. The associate here in SL is very upfront and open with me. I think that any time you take on a venture like this is naturally a risk. Hopefully things will work out, and if not, at least you... Read more

Invent Help Review from Miami, Florida

Invent Help
Danny of Miami, FL We contacted InventHelp and a gentleman named Aaron, attended and help us to get started. He was very friendly and informative, he helped us make that leap of faith. Through InventHelp we met others in the Client Services Dept. that were as friendly, like Maura **, and Leann **, company representatives as well as others in that whole department that are just as friendly. Any and all changes that were made were without... Read more

Invent Help - Amazing

Because of the dangerous on someone get my idea, I know now what I have to do
Shatina of Brooklyn, NY It was a great experience dealing with InventHelp. I created a prototype myself and the representative said they will have someone call me back and that's when Bobby ** called me back. He looked at it and explained everything slowly. He helped...
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Jerry of Scranton, PA I've been working with InventHelp since 2009. We haven't licensed anything from them at this point, and it's generally because the manufacturing falls out of our expertise. But they're always good to deal with when we are looking at particular...
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Richard of Syracuse, NY My experience with InventHelp was wonderful. The person who handles my account is very good. The first years that we had it, we've won an international award--that's a pretty impressive award. I use that a lot in promoting the product. They've...
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James of Clayton, GA InventHelp representatives showed me right upfront what the service is and what to expect. They've always been professional to me. The whole deal took a while, but they've been patient and it's paid out. We've been at it through the years. They've...
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Paul of Nashua, NH My experience with InventHelp is very good. They are a first-class company. I went to one of their offices in Massachusetts, talked with someone, and they decided they would accept the product I was putting out. Their representatives are very good...
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Shahid of Bayside, NY I showed Bernie what my invention was. He liked and understood what I was trying to explain to him, so we went ahead. He helped me patent it which took between seven months to a year. I got a patent and now, I'm waiting for somebody to buy it from...
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Thomas G. of Shawnee Mission, KS I have been a consumer for more than 60 years! I have been in sales for more than 35 years. I tend to intimidate insecure, shady so call professionals. I don't do this in a mean-spirited manner, and certainly without disrespectful...
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Danny of New York, NY I enjoyed my experience with InventHelp very much. Nice bunch of people. The rep I dealt with, Robert, was on point, lets me know what I was doing and made me feel comfortable. Held my hands through the whole thing and I didn't feel like I'm just...
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Gabriel of New York, NY InventHelp has been very responsive and really helpful. A live person spoke with me when I called and they scheduled a meeting quickly. Their representative made me feel like I was his only client and I felt a connection with them. He knew about...
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